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Our Approach

We are retail experts, innovators, strategists, leaders and creatives with experience across North America. Our passion to see out clients achieve success, drives our relentless focus in partnering with them as an extension of their team and to ensure ultimate goals and objectives are always met.

We are industry pioneers with a unique approach to optimally integrate physical design, digital technologies, data driven customer insights and content strategy to create a memorable and fully integrated user experience.

Sarvjit Matharu

Our Process

Discovery & Strategy

Great execution starts with a solid strategy that’s based on a formal discovery process. Our final strategy is the product of collaborative thinking and shared objectives

Production & Installation

One of Envision’s core competencies is our ability to deliver an end-to-end solution, which includes fabrication and installation of the work we design.

Design Engineering

Whether evolving an existing concept or creating something entirely new, we draw on our team of subject matter experts to design the best solution that will achieve our client’s objectives.

Data Management

In a world where customers are looking for products, services and experiences that are unique and relevant to them, effective use of data has become a key differentiator for companies that are succeeding with their marketing, sales and customer experience strategies.

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Technical Industrial Solutions

3D Laser & Fabrication has 20+ years of experience with providing wide area of specialty services, craftsmanship and custom fabrication & design work.

Brake Pressing

3D Laser & Fabrication provides flawless bends using advanced equipment, including a horizontal brake press machine, to meet diverse project requirements.

Engineering Design

3D Laser & Fabrication offers versatile and precise engineering design solutions, delivering flawlessly executed projects with a commitment to excellence.

Grinding and Polishing

High-quality grinding and polishing services for steel and stainless-steel materials, utilizing advanced equipment and meticulous attention to detail.

Laser Cutting

We are Toronto’s trusted provider of precise laser-cutting services, offering tube laser cutting capability with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


We offer a range of welding techniques including precision laser welding, MIG, TIG, and Stick welding. We have CWB-certified welders.

Custom Work

3D Laser & Fabrication has expertise and experience in custom 3D, laser cut and fabrication to successfully deliver complex projects.